Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Berlin to London From The ZOB Berlin

At this moment I should be in Ireland. However, due to factors beyond my control it was a lottery not to be. In three little words,"I was ill".
This posting first since Nov 6th ,with my Panasonic Lumix felt good. So here's a travel alternative tip .
With another frantic travel season looming as Christmas draws near, a quick look at any of the airlines shows lowest prices (pardon the pun) to be rocketing skyhigh . So it was with interest I took my gentle exercise for today by strolling to ZOB .
This is the Berlin Central Bus Station ,catering for long distance journies . Well designed it isn't an eyesore . Here's a film featuring the Berlin to London bus .Having interviewed those who are familiar with the route and asked them why, the reasons given were varied and often multiple ..a) financially sound ,b) stress free, c) good cancellation with full refund policy ,d) no rude treatment. In the film you see a bus leave for Paris and then out goes the London vehicle. It was all very civilized and maybe, just maybe one day I'll test my staying powers.
For none German speakers the abbreviation ZOB is Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof Berlin-Internationale .
It is reached via U12 UBahn to Kaiserdamm , SBahn Messe Nord ICC, Bus M49, X34, 104.

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