Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas In Berlin

No country does Christmas quite as well as Germany . Their decor , celebration of Advent from day one, markets, food ( especially chocolates and spicy biscuits ) is fantastic. As one who's never been a Christmas fan at last ,thanks to Germany things are a changing. This year will be different. Motivated I am. On Saturday on calling in Green Piece Florist to buy some flowers it was clear that Frau Köhler had surpassed herself with her festive creations. Decorations for Advent that simply took my breath away. The staff were busy arranging the displays. It was therefore with excitement that today I set off plus camera to take photos and make a film or two . My suggestion :-
If you are in Berlin , call in, to this colourful winter wonderland with an aroma that is Christmas, Christmas , Christmas. I've treated myself . This is Christmas and a time for enjoyment all round ......Above is a collage of items .Beneath a video made using iMovie .

This is a season for all ages .It doesn't have to be very expensive and as you will see from the pictures , colours bring light and warmth to the winter days. In all her work Frau Köhler uses quality products,natural products and thus her designs are not only beautiful , they are safe .

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