Friday, November 18, 2011

Planes Approaching Tegel Airport Berlin

A great place to sit and drink coffee whilst watching 'the world' arrive in Berlin.Sadly not for much longer as the powers that be plan to close Flughafen Tegel in 2012 with the opening of Berlin Brandenburg International Airport. It will be missed by more than yours truly .
Arriving early for an appointment today at Kurt Schumacher Platz I took a few minutes to film the air traffic as it dropped from the sky to a very low altitude. Always a sight to behold at this major traffic junction, today was more so due to intense cold and fog . Simply no idea what types of aircraft these are so any one with knowledge , here's your chance . I just love planes .Fact . To all who arrived on those flights let me say "Welcome to Berlin". The good news is Sunday should bring sun but only 4°c .

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