Friday, September 04, 2009

New Boots , New Jazz Season.

A new month and we move into a new season . As luck would have it I found the very pair of boots I've been looking for . Then to start Die Kleine Weltlaterne season, who else but Otto Hamborg and the Viertakter. They really got things moving with a programme of Barock to Rock 'n' Roll.

Today I saw this amazingly tall man and wondered how he would look in boots .[ a lot of leather would be needed ]

Finally how about this guy's job ? Coming up the escalator in Karstadt Store what should I see but a lady being painted ! Totally naked save for her chic knickers she stood ín public as the artist did his work .

Never a dull moment . Note ] today the smell of Autumn was in the air .It made me feel almost drunk with joy . A colourful season which I for one love .

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