Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heidelberg,Worms ,Frankfurt, Mannheim, Speyer ,Mainze

The last ten days have been spent in Darmstadt . Not exactly a large German city , but a friendly one. An amazing German rail system coupled with Vodafone UMTS enabled me to set out each day [plus small notebook] to get work done and explore various towns and cities .

These were :-

Heidelberg , Worms ,Frankfurt , Mannheim , Speyer , Mainze .

Heidelberg situated on the River Neckar is delightful and clearly a tourist haven .With its castle ,old town and river ,this is a place which draws you back .

Worms [pronounced vorms ] is small ,pleasant with an impressive cathedral .The day we went there was a choral organ concert and one could but marvel at the acoustics .

Frankfurt , standing on the River Main is a business city.One feature I do like about this city is the extremely modern architecture . There is also a small Alt Stadt.

Mannheim is a city which had to be more or less rebuilt after WW 2 and a grid system was used .There remains a fascinating water tower ,a beautiful Jesuit Church and a very old palace

There is also has a truly superb ice cream shop. Fontanella . Look up http://www.eisfontanella.de/ In my jargon a place such as this is a 'hot spot' .Really great ice cream is a find and make it .

Speyer built along the Rhine is small but very pretty . It's an Alt Stadt with lots of cafes , churches, museums and shops . I made several lovely purchases here.

Finally Mainze built on the Rhine .This was /is my favourite . The cathedral is astonishing and the old town sensational. Food is wonderful ,reasonably priced and well served . Shops are tasteful and display quality goods . Guess who can't wait to revisit ?
I saw so much in each place and would advise any visitors to Germany to forget the A train... Just take DBahn .
Top Row L-R
Above the roof tops of Frankfurt / Commerce Area /Bridge into Worms / Heidelberg Castle.
Mid Row L-R
River Neckar /Water Tower Mannheim /Jesuit Church Mannheim/ St Josephs Speyer.
Bottom Row L-R
Speyer Cathedral /Old City Mainze / Mainze Cathedral / Above roof tops of Frankfurt .

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