Wednesday, September 09, 2009

IFA Berlin 2009

IFA is a huge exhibition for the latest in consumer electronics . Maybe ,but for me IFA stands for ,' International Fun Always' . This afternoon [ the last day ] I went and had the time of my life . Impossible to see everything, yet I packed a lot in and even had a go at the Vodafone Air Guitar competition . Vodafone made their own film which is on You Tube .A member of the staff made these using my little camera . Letting your hair down , not to mention kicking your legs up is extremely good for one .... why not try it.

One note to US viewers .
In my 20's I was hit by a driver. All these very lively limbs were smashed and the prospect bad . The amazing health service of UK put me together and to this day I give thanks for that . My mother was a recent widow ,and I a student yet the best Orthopaedic Specialist in the North West of England saw to me . President Obama is right and for those who say he is wrong take note.

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