Monday, December 03, 2007

Satisfaction .

This weekend I played with a new toy . A wonderful turntable which transforms vinyl recordings into digital format . Help was needed as yours truly is anything but a fully fledged Geek or rather Geekette .

One piece which had me dancing round the room was the Rolling Stones with their 'No Satisfaction' What memories , what rhythm , what fun , what satisfaction ! Why so special ?
Years ago after a ghastly road traffic accident my abode for 4 months was the orthopaedic ward of a huge Northern hospital . On good weather days and what seemed an age, a special trip to the roof top was my treat . Walking again wasn't seen as much of an option but that piece of music was a daily motivator ensuring that not only did I eventually walk ,but run , play sport and yes, even row boats . That is SATISFACTION .
It's now safely on my pc , an external hard drive and of course there is still the precious record .

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