Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Food For Thought And Action.

P is for pleasurable .
I is for intimate.
C is for cuddles
N is for nibbles.
I is for ideal.
C is for climax

Yes a picnic . A wonderful way to spend a day but sadly all too often reserved for the Summer Season. Be an all year person who creates their own sunshine and heatwave.
As you should all be aware the 22nd of December is Global Orgasm Day . The winter solstice and a perfect day to have an indoor picnic with your partner .
Turn off the phone , lock your doors and say 'no callers .' The lounge floor can be your picnic area .Ideal for a rug and a cloth , lots of cushions ! For the food ,well here the choice is endless . eg ) A variety of cheeses , cold cuts , smoked salmon , crusty bread ,olives, tomatoes. Then ice cream , chocolate , Champagne, red wine and this will ensure a day to remember . If you think that after a full day of 'games and celebration ' you may still be peckish then make sure you have a dish which you both enjoy ,ready in the fridge - [heat through.]
You'll have done your bit for world peace, welcomed the oh so gradual lengthening daylight and shared all of this ,not to mention more, with someone special ........
Beats Christmas dinner for me. Once again a question of GFGSGT.
Happy Solstice to you all .
ps ) No matter how oppressive regimes and dogma may be ,they can never beat this wonderful human experience. We have the most powerful force and wow does it have a feel good factor !


Anonymous said...


wish you a lot of fun and o.....s.


miss_vixen said...

Thx and you too lol