Saturday, December 01, 2007

A No Win Situation .

Anyone who has ever taught small children will appreciate how the recent happening could have occurred . It was no insult on Gillian Gibbon's part. Indeed it's my belief that had she refused the use of this name , for sure one child ,[ he who was named such ]would have been upset and as like as not reported that 'Teacher had said the name was not right'. Result then ,religious fury and offence , teacher arrested and taken away . In other words , dammed if she did and dammed if she didn't .

This fanaticism is now getting way out of control . Any opportunity is taken to scream hatred.

As for the millions of moderate believers in this religion . They as usual are so remarkably silent . Those in UK are accepted and their faith catered for in our schools. Many abroad profit from massive financial aid , technical know how plus education . Where is Margaret Beckett ? Where is Gordon Brown ? Also silent whilst hoards behave like animals in for the kill .
Let those who wish to live in the middle ages do just that . Minus our assistance .

We are repeatedly told how peace is the core value of this faith. Yet with so many events such as this , brutal wars and women mutilated as a matter of course ,these seem to be hollow words .
Gillian Gibbons should be airlifted out straight away . This could be achieved with just a few simple words .." no more aid " .

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