Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Toilets , Lavatories , WC's

Maybe it's because my late father was a plumber,or it could be due to a personal quirk caused by too much standing cross legged at concert halls and theatres in the interval. Whatever the reason, it's fair to say I'm fascinated by public toilets.Their design, cleanliness , accessibility are all matters which interest me. Lack of any the aforementioned --infuriates.
To some this may seem strange, maybe eccentric but on returning from France where I did film some rather impressive facilities what should I hear last week on BBC radio4 Woman's Hour but a heated debate on this very theme . It appears that rather than improved provision being the case, the opposite is the truth. So much so a serious UK seminar / debate was covered. The French film is at the top and you also see a clip made way up on the north west coast of Scotland .
There are good food guides and stars are awarded to restaurants why not a good toilet guide . So let's make a stand other than in a queue , raise our glasses , say 'bottoms' up and improve the lot for females. Meanwhile my pictures and movies file about such is growing. Good provision is worthy of note. Lonely Planet take note .

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