Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Green-Piece in Berlin.

Berlin reflects a German passion ... flowers. By and large they are bought each week and a walk around the streets shows the smallest balcony is a blaze of colour most of the year . Though not an avid balcony gardener ( I travel too much), over the years here, flowers have become a regular purchase. Last week I went to film a very talented florist at work.
Frau Köhler is the owner of Green Piece ,a beautiful shop at Kaiserdamm 109 . Her training was three years, after which she worked as an employee ,then, over a year ago bought her own business.
She employs three others and they work well as a team . A working day begins at 8am and ends 18-00 Monday to Saturday.
Sundays the shop opens 9am to 13-00. Three times a week Frau Köhler is ready at 4-30am for a drive to the huge flower market In summer she likes to buy European flowers as this means lower prices . Roses tend to come from Equador as they are excellent quality .Her preference is for seasonal flowers when possible with not too many glass house blooms. Watch this film in the knowledge that as she works the following must take place. 1) The customer says how much they wish to spend, 2) they may want specific colour they may not, 3) the florist must then take blooms and greenery to create a work of art, at the same time calculating each item included. Whilst this mathematical element is important it must not detract from the creative process. What a balance . When I asked her why she chose her career the answer came that to work creatively and with nature was her dream . It's come true and with the flowers she is able to make sure that all who buy have 'sunshine' round the clock. Flowers do have a great power to lift our spirits and show us the beauty of our world . One single bloom can do that . Try it . For any new to Berlin try Green Piece .

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