Saturday, July 23, 2011

Viola Profonda --'The missing link '

Last night I was at a gathering with a difference . Food , drink , people, music were all present. So what you may ask was so special. Composers and friends of the Viola Profonda project gathered at "Cafe am Ufer" in Kreuzberg for an evening of music including a live presentation of the Viola Profonda. It was sensational.
Present was Bolivian composer, director and instrument-developer Gerardo Yañez . He certainly has created a masterpiece with this instrument .Look it up on line and see why I've referred to it as the missing link.
The American composer Daniel Leo Simpson was the very special guest and presented a work he has written especially for the instrument. The rich warm timbre was a joy to hear. The talent was amazing and ensured a programme of music including classical, flamenco, tango and Bolivian pipe music and so much more. Proof once again that multi culturism works.

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