Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back In Berlin .

Some people adore their cars but I prefer bikes . Others frequent high class luxury stores but my superb outfits all come from Mode and Sparen at a fraction of the cost . Finally cuisine ... for many only such when at a top class restaurant...Give me Rogacki Berlin any day . Late on Monday I arrived back in Berlin somewhat shattered . After a visit to Mode and Sparen where it was a joy to meet and be greeted by familiar and friendly people I realized why 'Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin ' The weather remained warm and sunny until today when it rained and rained true British style , terrific . In steady luke warm rain I cycled the city finishing my day at Rogacki where this delicious plate of fish soup ( 4.50E with a basket of bread) , saved having to cook this evening.
The magic of this city is that it gives you affordable choice plus you can be as hectic as you wish or as quiet . Friendliness is genuine but not at all invasive on privacy .
I love Berlin and feel it has adopted me as I have it .

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