Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dishing The Dirt Murdoch Style -

To tap phones, pay for confidential information such as medical records and hack computers on a mega scale is not only disgusting it's criminal. The Murdoch 'Empire' is guilty of the lot yet they are walking free as indeed are all the small brained so called journalists who work for them .Shutting one paper will make not a jot of difference to these rogues .
The best way of dealing with Murdoch is never to buy his products. Not even fit for loo paper in an emergency . As for his other media concerns .Why not put him and Berlusconi together far away where they can leave the decent of this world in peace . Both these ignorant types use their money to wield power. Anyone who continues to read Murdoch filth is akin to those who get a thrill from lavatorial graffiti. Let Murdoch return to Australia and taint the air there .

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