Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The 'Vacant Can' From The Vatican !

I don't know about you but I was disgusted with the comments made by the Pope in Africa ..... 'Condoms wont solve the HIV Aids epidemic ...'
REALLY ! He advocates total abstinence [ Ok Benedict try telling that to those priests within your numbers who have been found guilty of child abuse.] If my memory serves me right that got a mere apology .
Condoms are not a cure but my word they are a great preventative and when it comes to stopping the spread of all STD's, necessary .
There is another factor here . Many men are opposed to the use of condoms as they say it lessens their pleasure .Your ridiculous words will give such types a reason to continue with their 'macho view'. This on a continent where women are not treated equally is careless , thoughtless , uneducated talk.
Finally for you to actually state that the use of condoms actually increases the HIV Aids rate is little short of criminal and a blatant lie .
Having left the Roman Catholic church .. you being one of the reasons . I know for sure that my decision was the right one .
You're like a vacant can .. lots of noise but that's all .

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