Monday, March 23, 2009

South African Hypocrisy.

Today I spotted this headline :-
South Africa bars Dalai Lama from peace conference
On reading the article I was sickened . Basically a country which was able to free itself of the evils of apartheid , through massive world support , is now unable to act so honourably towards others .Read this quote from AP :-
"Thabo Masebe, spokesman for President Kgalema Motlanthe, said now was not the time for such a high-profile visit from the Tibetan spiritual leader and added that South Africa hoped to avoid being "the source of negative publicity about China."
In spite of protest by Archbishop Tutu and many others the government will not budge . A few of those invited have already declined to attend but unless all drop out leaving the South African government and the Chinese to play brown noses together, nobody will ever take this Tibetan ordeal seriously .
The Chinese are to the Tibetans what the white South Africans were to the blacks.
Mandela was demonized by them as the Dalai Llama is by Beijing .
I suggest South Africa and China get together , maybe even invite Robert Mugabe 'none champion' of human rights, plus those responsible for horror in the Sudan etc . When it comes to genocide and atrocities they are all so well suited .
Only last week in conversation with a friend I remarked that as one who has been in most countries of the world , Africa was not included . I added then I had no wish to go .Now I am more than ever positive .
Another lot of goods to boycott . Quite sensible as well during the recession . Support Europe .. boycott Chinese and South African products .
You will at least have a healthier bank balance not to mention conscience .
Here's an apt quote from Ralf Waldo Emerson to close with :-

'Every man alone is sincere. At the entrance of a second person hypocrisy begins '
do look up the biography of President Kgalema Motlanthe .He was in the underground movement , organized military training for sabotage and much more .Lucky he wasn't oppressed by China . Who is he therefore to reject the presence of a real man of peace .
The Dalai Llama lives via peace ,not sabotage and violence , he promotes freedom through dialogue and yet is demonized.

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