Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Girl From Ipanema in Berlin

Upon landing in this city twenty two years ago,a colleague and I were out like a shot to investigate . With very little German and even less sense of direction, we jumped on the first bus that came along and 'hoped' for the best , little knowing we were to get such . In Neue Kant Strasse the vehicle stopped in front of the most marvellous cake shop / cafe.Never have I left a bus so quickly . Never have I eaten so much delicious gateau, torte and cream .The cafe was to become a regular spot . In time we found other delightful places and my clothes almost screamed " stop, this can't go on ". Yesterday, a friend and I, went back to the now renamed Piano Cafe. With an apt internal decor to reflect their new image ie ) live music , almost each day ,and regular jazz artists they are even more fabulous . From the menu we each chose one of the superb German breakfasts. . [After such one can go all day minus food .] The cultural menu consisted of this remarkably talented duo . Their repertoire and playing was impressive. They have consented to this video being shown here . Playing on the first Sunday each month their next date is in April. Make a note if you are planning a trip to Berlin and do say hello if you see ' yours truly'.

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