Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday The Thirteenth------ Great .

Unlucky ? Well it all depends on your point of view and outlook .
Today,yes a Friday and 13th ,began well and continued so .
With the sun shining in a clear blue sky it didn't matter one jot that the air was cold and crisp .
Toshiba have been terrific and today sent a courier to collect my tiny notebook which insists on playing up ( aptly nicknamed baby it is akin to a recalcitrant child )
As a good will gesture they will deal with it !
Once out and at Rogaki ( Berlin's finest fish store ),yet another surprise, a gift of Danish sherry herrings from the man in charge of the fish smoking department . For those who have never sampled these all I can say is , 'they are fabulous '. At another shop I was given a bottle of champagne . Then what should be seen but a long sought after item of furniture .These are just a few of today's 'good' happenings .The photos illustrate how beautiful a day it's been here. Winter is an enjoyable season .Warm clothes make being out of doors the healthy place it is .
ref L-R birds against a blue , blue sky, Lietzensee frozen , The sun is so strong to film creates a night image .
L-R 2nd row . A bird lives under Neue Kantstrasse bridge , Tree shadows on the ice ,
A poster telling of yet another jazz happening .

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