Thursday, February 19, 2009

Berlin Auto Messe

Today was a fun day and how ! It was the opening day of the Auto Messe Berlin .Lots to see . Oh,how I could have bought so many were I wealthy enough .
The top collage shows some of the older items . Mainly videos taken, hence , few stills .
The lower collage shows some of my favourites ,;.-
L-R VW Passat+bike , Renault Twingo ,Seat Ibiza
L-R VW Golf , Seat Ibiza once more ,Kia Soul.
There was wine. My shoes were cleaned for free, and Saturday will find me at a large car showroom opening party with food , music and test drives ........Should be fun .
It's been twenty two years since I owned a car and now I'm longing to be back behind the wheel.

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