Sunday, February 08, 2009

Acki Hoffmann at Yorckschloesschen Berlin

Yorckschloesschen is a place to visit . The food , drink and music are excellent. How easy therefore to spend four hours in good company ,listening to one of my favourite groups ,Acki Hoffmann and friends plus talking to Otto Hamborg who had dropped in .He's a wonderful pianist who performed a week ago at my other stomping ground . Above are just a few of the pictures I took , including one of Otto Hamborg. As of yet I'm still debating which video ,if any, to use on YouTube . The microphone doesn't really do credit and my jumping around hasn't helped. Do have a look at the link below .
Come to cabaret city - don't wait around for life , you make it happen ! This city is a pretty good starting point .
Top picture is of Otto Hamborg.
The other three are of Acki Hoffmann ( piano ) and friends :-
Gert L├╝bke....bass ,
Siegward Vollert ...tenor sax and clarinette
F W Born ..... drums .
Helga Napieralla...... trumpet and vocal
Let's finish with a bang .. here's a small clip of a great drummer .
Note :- permission has been given for the use of this material.

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