Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Overlooked Message .

Today whilst out in the city I called in at Mode and Sparen , a small boutique in the Kant Strasse . Here one can find fashion, new and excellent second hand . Books , porcelain etc. The staff are exceptional and a coffee is always offered,and in my case, accepted . The above T-Shirt was spotted and I had to photograph the message .You may wonder why.
Read the colourful print and then think of the current state of the world .
When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 signalling the end of the cold war, our future promised the above. Next take a look at a map of the world and note how many trouble spots and conflict zones there are . Terrorism is on the increase and another cold war looks set to become a reality . To those who laughed at hippies and peace activists I want to say the above is my hope this Easter. Our world has billions of ordinary people and this global peace is their wish. Behind the scenes are the politicians, no longer statesmen and women , but rather power hungry individuals who are the puppets of  very powerful , never seen , never named heads of huge weapons industries . The above message is not to their liking . Take note:-) the very politicians who are busy tut tutting are aware that big business is selling weapons to all sides, often in the knowledge that children will be using them .
Have a peaceful Easter and,as it is the festival of hope and new life, let's each do our best to say "no" to all the lucrative conflicts. Begin by writing to your MP , European MP etc etc. Flood them with letters saying no to any more war .

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