Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Smooth Way To Start The Day .

Strawberries are cheap , fresh, seasonal and of course extremely healthy .
Pineapples from Costa Rica are cheap , superb quality and also loaded with goodness.
Eaten in a salad or dessert both fruits give zing and colour to any meal.They also make smoothies. Here you see two .
The simplest I've called 'You Are My Sunshine'. Chopped pineapple in the blender and voila two large glasses of super smoothie from just half a pineapple (cost of one whole fruit 1,48€) Later today I created a strawberry smoothie using 300gm of such .Added to this was a shot of Pineapple Smoothie poured on top .Watching the red and yellow merge looked akin to the sun , hence the name 'Solar Energy ' This is my breakfast drink chilling in the fridge .
*one thing I've tried is making strawberry smoothie cubes and pineapple smoothie cubes. If successful one of these in a glass of sparkling wine should be interesting and healthy.

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