Friday, June 21, 2013

Red For A Red Hot Day .

The weather has been 'red hot' with temperatures in the mid thirties. That's not too awful but the humidity is the horror. To get through one simply has to enjoy the vibrant colours  all around hence yesterday I named my 'red day'. Beautiful flowers near to Lietzensee caught my eye so in return the TZ31 captured them.  Later, strawberry shopping .This is the only time I enjoy this fruit and cherries as it's the season. Each year these delightful booths appear all over the city to sell locally grown produce. Perfect with a salad , in a smoothie , for breakfast  and at  2,95€ for 500 gm a very healthy bargain .
Today is the Summer Solstice .Apt therefore that the sculpture in the middle of the flower bed is called 'beginning and end' . Enjoy this the longest day .
Note )
The Solstice isn't the only celestial event this week.The 2013 super moon is due to peak June 22-23 and we should see a very large, bright moon. My TZ31 has plans and I pray for clear skies. Imagine sitting out filming eating luscious strawberries under the Berlin sky. Good medicine.

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