Monday, April 22, 2013

'S' words and An Upside Down Sunday

The prescription for today read :-
Fresh air and sun 
One bacon sarnie ,
One ice cream 'shared' ,
An hour flat out in the sun , 
An hour's gentle swimming .
Swedish recipe cooked to perfection 
Eaten under what else but the early night sky
With the moon as ever shining down .
Photography no matter what !


Jack J said...

Either I'm beginning to see meanings where there are none but this post and video seem to be full of your plays with words and hidden meanings, miss V. But in any case, I hope you had a good Sunday of sin.

miss_vixen said...

Jwell well Jack , you know that words are a passion of mine and there are two letter 's' in passion ...Yes it was a good Sunday .Because of the sin .?... who can say , one can only summize lol Isn't the letter S used a lot in English lol

Jack J said...

Oh, it certainly is. ^_^