Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ms V Loses Her Culinary Virginity !

Unbelievable and proof that one should never say never . Now if you are awaiting a 'steamy' posting , sorry you've read it wrong. Though fair to say it concerns something hot.  Berlin is the city of Currywurst. This is sausage, grilled, chopped, covered in curry, various other spices, tomato sauce and served with chips . So why my long wait ?
Coming from Britain where Indian food is superb I couldn't face the idea of sausage with curry powder . Very none gourmet . Yet today on arriving at Friedrichsfelder  Ost there was  the van ( see collage ) and my rather empty stomach decided 26 years was long enough to wait .The order cost a mere 3€  and as you see was enjoyed .

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