Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Tegel Airport Saves Berlin Again

Best Viewed Full Screen and Turn Volume Low .

No sound track save for the wind and jet engines. (music to my ears ) any time .
This was made last Saturday. June the 3rd and closure day was looming large for this delightful , efficient hexagonal user friendly airport ---- I interviewed many staff at Tegel and found none were for closure .Today the news as ever BBI will NOT open as planned for the umpteenth time .This announcement coming at the last minute will cost airlines and firms a great deal of money. If the powers that be go ahead and ever close Tegel then as sure as eggs are eggs the world has gone crazy .More info on the history of Flughafen Tegel on YouTube. Meanwhile thanks again Tegel for saving Berlin . Built by professionals, maintained by professionals,run by professionals this airport has always presented the best image of what is best about Germany .It did not cost a fortune to do so.

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