Monday, May 28, 2012

My Silver Jubilee Music

2012 marks my arrival twenty five years ago in Berlin. No great pagentry planned but a lot of happy reflections and meetings with those people the years have brought me into contact with . Plus I've now adopted the Cornish Floral Dance as my Anthem ( call it what you will). It seems very apt .
In December 1987 alone here and still new to the city I heard the Berlin Police Orchestra playing this at the Advent Market Europa Centre . The tears fell, but suddenly I felt fine and connected . Fast forward to this  Whit Sunday where, at a brunch a Danish band were playing . On walking forward to make at least one film what should they play but The Cornish Floral Dance .
Was it an amazing coincidence or from elsewhere ? Once again tears of happiness and a sense of full circle .The band were great and liked the story .They gave their permission to use on the internet. This week in Berlin there will be music to mark the Queen's Diamond  Jubilee . I've had mine ... it was lovely .

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