Monday, January 23, 2012

A Viennese Vorspeisen.

This is but a starter so to speak.Vienna had much on offer and it gave my Panasonic Lumix plenty to do.
What can I say , except the journey there and back was excellent . My hotel likewise .Vienna public transport akin to Berlin ie cheap ,and first class. People are very friendly . The snowdome museum and factory owned and run by Herr Perzy ( 3rd generation) warrants it's own posting. For any visiting this place it's a must see.
Perhaps my most novel experience was being in Vienna and eating at Mc Donalds. Their NS policy saved me. Eating in smoke filled places makes me ill , plus stinky clothes are not my thing. Vienna flouts the EU rule big time. However as you'll see I made up for this once home in Berlin after a concert in Potsdamm. Would I return ? For sure . McDonalds is there and doing without too much food harms nobody .Seriously, there is so much yet to see .

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