Sunday, January 01, 2012

January 1st 2012

Last night , this morning, was spent along with many more up on Teufelsberg.
This 80 metre hill situated in Berlin provides an excellent viewing point of the city. It was astonishing and exciting to stand and film 360° whilst at the same time enjoying fireworks going off around and above one.The latter brought up by people who made sure the New Year greeting was colourful , noisy and fun packed . These two stills give an almost space quality( that on the left) whilst the right resembles an oil painting depicting the Russian Front ! Movie footage has yet to be edited ...No soundtrack will be needed at all. It is its own BIG BANG BOOGIE.So coming shortly at a blog you know BBBB which is Berlin's Big Bang Boogie. Shorter than I thought , here it is ,
the very special boogie

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