Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Window On The World

It's no secret that snow domes are , for me , magical . My little collection has grown as friends on their travels have spotted an item, bought then brought . Others I've found . The countries are UK, Ireland, Scotland, America, Australia, Austria, Spain, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Turkey and so it goes. Most items contain a famous landmark or depict national dress. Some hold memories and never cease to surprise me. Finding a suitable home for these 'treasures' hasn't been easy but at last I did. A week ago delivery men brought to the door but assembly was the next problem. It needed two people and here a very good friend stepped in .She's amazing and together we solved the puzzle. The first proved a nightmare, the second was plain sailing . Here's Little Miss Fix-It and the finished product. We rewarded ourselves with Sekt and Aperol . Then came the arranging of schneekügel for which a data base is needed !

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Lady Vixen,

great deal - I hope I can visit your snowdome-museum when I stop in Berlin.