Friday, December 16, 2011

European Council - Number 10

European Council - Number 10
At last a British Prime Minister who has kept his word and put the interests of the British before those of Germany and France.
Whilst other members lacked courage due to their being 'in debt ' or through fear ,Mr Cameron was steadfast . Brilliant.
It seems Frau Merkel a physicist, attempts to find a chemical formula aided by Mr Sarkozy who, as head of a country sliding into recession is joined at the hip to Angie in her vain attempt to give value to what is little better than monopoly money.
As one who lives here I meet numerous Germans who are sick of the Euro and long for the return of the D Mark. The madness of the Merkel and Sarkozy rettungs paket makes for hilarious stage comedy . Mathias Tretter a German comic sees it for what it is .
As for Nick Clegg and the British Press please do us all a favour . Be proud of Mr Cameron . He went and had more guts than any.
As for those who likened him to Chamberlin .There's a joke . Blair was the second Chamberlin , He gave our rebate away .
The British Pime Minister has nothing to apologize for. His first duty is to Britain . Not to Brussels . I for one say 'thank you '
*click on European Council to read David Cameron's speech .

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