Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Night and Day, Berlin is the 'one'

The weather has been sensational so all the more reason to double my cycling *.A tip to all who visit is ... do rent a bike . It's a city built for such and you will see so much more of this wonderful capital .
Here are a few shots captured over the last few days .Just as at night there is much to see , do and experience , so it is during the day.
Late this afternoon after a hectic schedule round and about I was only too glad to spot 'Minouche ' a Cafe and Patisserie .Situated at Budapesterstr 6 not only do they serve excellent coffee etc , they have also created a wonderful oasis where you can unwind . In these surroundings one can read, snooze, listen to an iPod or simply people watch .It scores full marks on Ms V's scale . Then my final surprise find of the day . Photo Huber at Budapesterstr 22. They know their cameras and just what is possible . Using my experimental shot of the moon , (taken last night) they made a good enlargement and framed it for me . Other shops had said not possible. Two more places I will be frequenting and can recommend.

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