Monday, April 25, 2011

A Celebration of Life , Freedom Plus Technology

I hope that your Easter has been enjoyable. Europe has experienced excellent weather and in Berlin the festival was reflected in the overall happiness of people . Easter Sunday had a particular significance for Berliners . Fifty years ago on April 24th 1961 they awoke to discover the wall had been built .Their city , families , places of work were to be divided. This could have meant 'death' to the western part of the city . Yet, after many frustrations plus an airlift to break the blockade they finally, in 1989, breached the madness . It was Germans who broke down that wall . The airlift was peaceful .No bombs were dropped . Cameron and Co do take note . So onto the collage . This marks a celebration of photography in my life . The box camera was a gift when I was extremely young .I still have it to this day .Top right is the tiny Tchibo camera I bought for approximately 68 euro .This had me hooked on digital , especially video making . Bottom centre is one beloved Pansaonic Lumix DMC TZ10 . These cameras serve as markers . The Panasonic has enabled the three main photographic colours effects to be seen :- sepia / black and white / colour. Fascinating contrasts. Each has a place still. The mini coloured collage within the collage is a Mac iPhoto Booth work . Imagine what an Easter posting will look like 50 years from now . Let's wait , see and use this tremendous technology for the improvement of our world .

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