Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Today's Lottery Win.

Every day is new and I can honestly say that each day I'm a winner. Not Euro Millions or German Lotto.... mine is the Lottery Of Life . For the price of a smile you experience real wealth. For example ,today I met this terrific couple . From Korea , they now live in Paris and are architects. They had spent a week here and we shared coffee, conversation and so much ,out in the sunshine on Bismarckstra├če . The cafe owner took this shot and the image underneath is a technique shown to me by the couple .They called it the Korean Way . This meant going indoors, setting the camera on self timer then placing on the floor whilst we stood around in a sort of rugby scrum looking down onto the camera lens .Their holiday photos were pretty wonderful and will be forming part of an exhibition. This encounter was but a part of my life lotto win for today. Like I say,true wealth .

They did say to use flash and a little zoom for best results . I have to say I like it ,plus it's fun swivelling the image .

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