Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cookie Club Trio At Cafe Oberwasser .

Cafe Oberwasser is a superb cafe / bar restaurant at Zionskirchstrasse 6,10119 Berlin .telephone 448 3719
Open Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 'whenever' it's a place to go and enjoy life .
The owners are excellent and the picture depicts a figure made by one of them .From paper mache it guards the entrance ......
On Saturday ,no bad spirits entered ,only lovers of fine food and music and the phenomenal Cookie Club Trio .Thus all were satisfied .Of the nineteen videos shot each is faultless. This is not a reference to my camera skills but to the talents of a truly remarkable trio.Choosing which film to use was very difficult .in the end I chose 'Sunday' since this posting was started on , yes , Sunday .
Meinolf 'Cookie' Saggel, dr and vocals , Martin Zentner ,piano , Max Hartmann bass
Do try and see this group .

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