Monday, February 07, 2011

Negatives and Positives ..

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A week ago my washer died in a rather spectacular fashion. This negative event was balanced by lots of excellent advice re washing machines from a guy who writes a fantastic review site,followed by delivery of a long awaited beautiful new bed .
Today the sun shone and off I went on my bike to begin a busy programme . Only at Innsbrucker Platz did I notice that several important keys were missing from my key chain. After riding back and forth but to no avail I gave up. Later in the day on calling at a favourite shop ,namely 'Mode & Sparen',there was coffee ,a meeting with a rather wonderful Vietnamese architect and a present from the lady pictured here . She and I share a love of Skull and Crossbones. This belt buckle is her present to me. For some time now she has been carrying it around on the off chance we met. Again a negative experience was counterbalanced .Last week I read that the head of Barclays Bank in UK is to be awarded a nine million pounds bonus ! My views on that are not for here but this much I will say ... Never would I swap my financial status and happiness for his wealth. Little things do mean a lot .. a very lot. The secret of life being, 'keep on smiling'

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