Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lazarus Lavamat

As you are well aware two weeks ago I lost my long life 'partner' Lazarus Lavamat. Oh how I missed him . His solid sturdy frame that meant total reliability . In twenty three years he'd never once let me down, for not only was he great to look at, he was inwardly terrific , and as genuine as one could wish for. We were a pair.He was my AEG Lavamat 971
Shopping for a replacement was depressing . So many flashy items that didn't inspire confidence .Nor did I 'fancy' any of them .No X factor .
Thus today I had a guy call round who had a look at Lazarus , examined him and pronounced him to be ... fine. A new plug and whoosh life came back. With swishing and swirling he made a good job of a wash .How long L and I will remain in our blissful union who can say .They don't make them like him anymore . It's a little late but maybe he should now be called Lazarus Valentine Lavamat .

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