Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year Via the Universality Of Beethoven

This little piece is one of many played for me by a lighthouse keeper on Daedlaus Reef in the Red Sea . I'm now back in Berlin and since today is January 1st 2010 it's my way of wishing you all a Happy New Year .Yes Beethoven's 9th Symphony has a significance here on this date .
As an English woman living in Germany ,the fact that this small clip is possible due to a person in Egypt points to the fact that there is, only one mankind .
Let's never loose sight of this and may we the majority seek to build bridges of friendship . The small minority of evil types can only win if we allow them to ,by mistrust and loss of faith in each other. Read the words of Schiller in his Ode to Joy . Beethoven knew what he was doing when he incorporated them .

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