Friday, January 22, 2010

Berlin Girls Out On The Town

No matter how cold , and yes last night sure was, a night on the town suitably attired is terrific . Here's a collage depicting some of the sights seen.

First the Sony Centre ..[ the illuminated sunflower type images being a part of the roof ]

Selecting the film to see was tricky as this month's programme is amazing . All the more reason therefore to begin with a laugh and the new Meryl Streep/ Steve Martin movie [Complicated ] guaranteed this. The New York film looks interesting .Then there's the latest Cohen bothers work [A Serious Man] etc. Later , over the road to the Hyatt Vox Bar where Kat Baloun was performing . As ever, terrific and her rendition of 'All Of Me' was captured on film.What I would have given to perform a duet with her ! Until now I'd no idea that as well as harmonica ,this very talented jazz musician and vocalist also plays drums !

However , great as it was, the Yorkschloesschen is more my kind of place and ,early February she's there . So too home , past the Funkturm illuminated as usual but green as this week has been International GrĂ¼ne Woche . At Theodor- Heuss Platz the above bicycle , was a must photograph ! Stuck fast in the icy snow, it had become a frozen work of natures art .

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