Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mass Murder Not Faith .

Once again this Islamic group who claim to have a peace loving faith have behaved in a manner no words can describe. No surprises then when yet again the masses of Muslims within Europe remain silent. The very same Muslims who threatened to break up a registered none violent demonstration in Dresden that was against the Islamisation of our countries are now mute. Should any "art work" re their beliefs appear watch them take to the street.
These silent Muslim masses of so called peace lovers, are as sick as the violent killers who are monsters , not humanity. Any decent peace loving human who can not take to the streets with dignity and declare that these actions done in the name of their faith, are in fact condoning. To date few have spoken out. A strange notion of peace.
Would there were more with the decency, courage and honesty of the Mayor of Rotterdam. * see previous post 

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