Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Birthday Made Even Happier By The German Team !

What a birthday week I've had ...On the 10th I celebrated my entry to this world .
On the 13th there was a very special celebration birthday breakfast at the Hilton Berlin.
In the evening of the 13th it was wonderful to join with millions and watch Germany win the World Cup 2014. A well deserved victory.
Today, July 15th it was off very early to watch this great  team return to the city by filming their arrival   at  Tegel Airport .
It was a breath taking event with the super Lufthansa 747 receiving a water salute. Germany had played well , played clean and shown that teamwork wins the day . In a world where so much it as gloom, here was a joyful event to mark .


kanopi minimalis said...

Happy Bird Thay
I was with a bunch of fun to hear the info from you
Greetings from me

i like jerman team

miss_vixen said...

so happy for you Happy Bird.. Thanks for commenting