Friday, May 30, 2014

India Not A Country To Visit .

I have visited India but have no wish to return .It was squalid enough in 2002. Now it is both squalid and sordid. It does not  deserve the income generated by tourists. Why ?
Because  females are at more and more at risk in this country where women count for little. Cases of gang rape are on the increase and when I read that this week two girls have hung themselves after being gang raped I was sickened and moved to write this. If you have a mother, sister , niece then the well being of women should interest you and flagrant abuse of women should concern you .
After the death in 2012 of a young lady, gang raped whilst on a moving bus, the Indian government introduced a law to use the death penalty for those found guilty of gang rape.
However, only last month Mulayam Singh Yadav  head of the governing party of Uttar Pradesh spoke out at an election rally against this law saying, " Boys will be boys. They make mistakes "
Interesting that he is also the father of the state's chief minister !
The two girls who died this week came from Uttar Pradesh. Among those arrested so far  are two policemen. This is unspeakable and one can only wonder at such a mentality and the senseless words of Mulayam Singh Yadav who if not condoning such vile acts, sees fit to tolerate them .
India is a very wealthy country yet 1.25 billion have no access to a toilet . It can find endless funding for atomic weapons whilst ignoring basics and decency. When a cow receives greater respect than these young girls did, something is amiss .
I see no help from the UN or EU so ask that we the thinking public , vote with our wallet .
No to holidays in India .No to any goods made there . and so on until such time as laws are implemented and carried out .
You can contact your MP . Make your feelings known in writing to the Indian Embassy .
This is 2014 and all humans male and female  , should be treated equally .

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