Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It's current population is  604,380, Population including administration areas is set at  1.3 million. Finnish and Swedish are the main languages with English spoken by most .
The airport is user friendly and transport into the city frequent and well priced . My first outing was to the central harbour , easy to reach with tram 3T . The harbour boat ride was relaxing and fascinating as we sailed around what must be the most beautiful archipelago.Nature thrives alongside people and the history of this city is to be discovered by just such a trip . 
Tip ) the tram 3T is a rather useful as it goes around the city in a figure of eight ,changing into a tram 3B .It's frequent and so functions as a really useful means of transport for finding places and getting off and back on the next . Which is what I did on day two .
A day ticket vaild for all buses , trams and underground is   8 euro , Excellent value .

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