Saturday, December 15, 2012

GNYBERLIN Visits Manchester .

This film by 'Luci West' has made my day.
A superb YouTube film maker, she too lives in Berlin and I subscribe to her channel.
Since embedding was enabled on the video I opted to share on my blog .
Luci's hallmark is the ability to produce sensational movies each one minute long .This is no easy task .
Manchester is my home city and it's a truth that  :-
"You can take the girl out of Manchester but you can't take Manchester out of the girl "
Her work here  is as good as any Christmas present in my eyes.
I hope you enjoy viewing what is a superb city and then why not view more of Luci's work at GNYBerlin on YouTube . You will enjoy the experience.
Thank you Luci for taking me home in just one minute.

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