Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas in The Air .

On a delightful cold and misty day, to be well wrapped up was a must
Down in the city Ka De We was busy creating a winter wonderland for Advent which is almost here . Their decorations are always exquisite and it was with joy that I discovered this snowdome. Having paid and about to leave, there before me, was yet another snowglobe, different but rather lovely. Something tells me this is a Christmas to look forward to .
For any Berlin readers why not visit  St George's Church, Preussen Allee ?
1st December at 15-18H . A Very British Christmas Fete will be in  full swing with lots to eat,drink,  buy and win. I'm already in the party mood .


Anonymous said...

You look really good Miss Vixen

The Huntsman

miss_vixen said...

Thank you , merci , vielen dank, und und und :-)