Thursday, December 10, 2009


There are some who know me well enough to know that I am a Panasonic fan plus. Just see that brand name and I want to buy. Panasonic never comes cheap but in my experience has always guaranteed fabulous quality .. My Dimension 4 cooker , video , DVD and amazing Fridge -Freezer. All are wonderful . So why am I not so in love with this name right now ?Answer :-

The Panasonic Lumix TZ7

This is the second time I have purchased such a camera, The Lumix 5 had to go back as it was faulty .Purchased from a specialised camera shop I had a hard job getting a refund .Then last weekend I bought the latest version . After so many rave reviews I felt sure all would be fine. This time at a shop where most items are discounted and the returns policy excellent . Once more my Lumix is a lemon . Why ?

The settings are many and varied so I was advised to begin with 'intelligent auto focus ' There's a laugh - little intelligence . It simply can't deal with indoor ,artificial light . One is either jaundiced or cancerous . Nothing is sharp . Not desirable. The video mode is good and the microphone excellent . This is all . However, sad to say ,Panasonic insist you have Quick time format [not wonderful on a windows PC ] It is proving impossible to upload a video from Picasa to YouTube and to my blog . I can view but can't upload from windows. One of the main YouTube reviewers of Panasonic suggested I put examples of the shots on Flickr . Not wishing to open yet another system I've gone half way and made a collage on Picasa. It shows you really poor images . Thumbs down , money back go elswhere. Still I do have my fridge freezer .

Note) The previous post as indeed most others carry photos taken with a very old 65 € digital camera. It may lack the video sound quality but in stills is better.

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