Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Final Curtain

It's been fun writing as BVFL but now the time has arrived to say " Good bye ".
Let's hope one day , all in this world will learn to be kind to each other and we'll see an end to the rewarding of corruption .
Where I'll go and what comes next , who can say .

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Jack J said...

Hi miss V,

What's BVFL? Are you closing "Helena Mikas in Berlin"? Well, altho I've been a terrible letter writer the past many months I have followed your blog and it would be sad to see you go. But hey, if that's the way of the samurai then... that's the way of the samurai. LOL. It was fun to get a glimse of miss V's furry world as long as it lasted. Hope you're doing well and all. But knowing you I'm sure you're having fun.

All the best