Sunday, July 05, 2009

Carousel Fun

Recently all of Europe has been experiencing hot and humid weather.Yet my weekend in Berlin wasn't spoiled by such . Friday night was perfect for a late, out door dinner on the terrace . Then on Saturday after a leisurely but luxurious breakfast , out on cycles throughout the city , stopping to quench our thirst in any number of places. A visit to the New National Gallery was a must, to see the latest exhibition . Timing was excellent as the heavens opened in a vain attempt to cool the city . This current exhibition entitled :- 'Picture Dreams', Ulla and Heiner Pietzsch Collection ,is on until the 22 th November and merits a visit .The works are pretty wonderful . Above you see a part of one . This was taken on a hoarding in the city and shows half the work . So much exercise had worked up an appetite and Winterfeld Platz was the next stop at what must be the most curious yet amazing eatery ever... IXTHYS. The owners are Korean , and all walls are decorated with hand written portions of the Bible . There are only none alcoholic drinks but the food is sensational and not expensive . I had the BiBam Bob a fantastic dish of spicy rice, meat , vegetables, served with an egg on the top .This you mash thoroughly then add hot sauce to taste. Eaten with Kim Chi ,it's a dish to savour .
So as you'll see it's been a round and about weekend .Even more so if you watch the little video . Right in the centre of Breitscheid Platz was a carousel .At 2 euro a ride ,I was off my bike and on there .One whirling Ms V reverted to age 6 years. Why not ? Each passing year adds 1 to our age but this doesn't have to destroy the child within..Can you spot me ? For sure you'll hear.

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