Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fete de la Musique Berlin.

If you really want a great time and music is your thing ,then why not try Berlin this weekend where each year the Fete de la Musique marks the beginning of summer.
Throughout the city are 60 stages all staging a variety of music ( FREE ) .
You name it , you'll find it , every single genre ! Make any iPod freak go wild .
Berlin's FĂȘte de la Musique celebrates the beginning of summer with an amazing variety of live concerts on around 60 stages throughout the city. All music genres are well represented, including world music and jazz, and just in case you missed it , all performances are free.
During the day you can have a terrific time and then at night off to the nightclubs where more performances continue until the early hours .
After that ,what better way to welcome summer yet again , than with an early morning dip at one of the many open air pools .... or ,if a recovery 'sleep in' is called for , no probs as the baths stay open even later at night in Summer .
Have fun ----------

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