Friday, January 23, 2009

Now We have Jazz, Jazz , Jazz.

It's true that few are having an easy time of it these days . Conflicts increase , there is a financial crisis with all the misery attached to such , but, as the song says 'what good is sitting alone in your room ?' Answer none !
These words from the musical 'Cabaret ' , set in pre war Berlin are as true today. This city still has an amazing jazz scene and for just three euro you can forget the gloom , rise above despair and enjoy life . The top two photos show pianist Acki Hoffman and his band . This remarkable group has fantastic style and last week ,played to a packed house in 'der Kleinen Weltlaterne '
The bottom two pictures are of Sydney's Blues Band . Their music is very much Sydney Bechet style . Both groups are terrific as is the venue .Open Monday to Saturday they have bands every Thursday and Saturday .Food is good and well priced . So come hear the music play ,come to the cabaret . Close to the Kudamm at Nestorstr 22 , it's a must see , must do place .
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